Legal Warning

According to the article 10 of the law 34/2002 of 11 july, the Services of the Online Shopping and Information Society inform that this website and the domain is owned by Francesc Clivillé Cabrera.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the content in this website, the logos, the text and others, as well as the structure, the design, the colours, the presentation and everything is under the intellectual property rights owned by Francesc Clivillé Cabrera, or other people with who it has been agreed their use.

The web users must respect these rights. Francesc Clivillé Cabrera defunds all this information through this website in order to advertise his services. Francesc Clivillé Cabrera advises that all these elements and references can only be used for this functionality and always quoting its origin. Nothing can be transformed and its public communication it is not allowed without Francesc Clivillé Cabrera’s authorisation.

Contents Responsibility

The users of this website access to it by his own initiative. Francesc Clivillé Cabrera is not responsible of the mistakes and defaults that can affect his contents. The references that are presented in have the only function to inform and it doesn’t oblige the website owner until the acceptation of a contract. Francesc Clivillé Cabrera cannot be considered responsible of any damage coming from the use of this website and either an action related to the information that he offers in the website.

Francesc Clivillé declines the responsibility of any kind of information published in other websites that are linked to this website. The functionality of these links is to inform about the existence of other sources of information about the mentioned topic in the website but it is not a suggestion or an invitation to the user to visit the final websites.

Data Protection

In compliance of the article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December of the Personal Data Protection, Francesc Clivillé Cabrera informs that the personal data given in this website will be managed only for issues related to the brand Global Hail Solutions, in terms of its development, accomplishment and execution of the business contract of the services offered in this website, also to attend the applications that the client suggests or to send him information about the products of the mentioned brand. In the case that you will give us personal data from other people, you will be the responsible of this information and to have achieved their consent for the purposes explained as following. In the case of having bought a product, the personal data given of the other people will be used only for shipment and verification of its reception as well as to attend the applications of client. The consent for the activation of this functionality, it allows that in future shopping in the website, their personal data will be already filled up and it won’t be necessary to fill it up again.

Authorisation to link

It is authorised to link this website in other websites but it must be always visible the real direction in the URL where the user is getting access to. The links can be made using the website direction, name of the company and/or other passwords.