Privacy policy

I. IDENTIFICATION DATA: According to the article 10 of the law 34/2002 of 11 july, the Services of the Online Shopping and Information Society inform that this website and the domain is owned by Francesc Clivillé Cabrera.

II. USERS: The access and use to Francesc Clivillé website attributes the condition of the user, who accepts, from this access and use, the User General Conditions mentioned in here. The mentioned Conditions will be applied without taking into account the General Conditions Contract that are in your case an obligation.

III. USE OF THE WEBSITE: the indication of the ownership allows the access to a lot of online information, services, programs or data (from now on, the contents) owned by Francesc Clivillé or his people to whom he has given access. The USER assume the responsibility of the use of this website. This responsibility is extended in the registration that might be necessary to access in the precise services and contents. In this registration the USER will be the responsible to bring the true and bid information. As a consequence of this registration, it is possible to offer a password to the USER and he will be responsible of it, being involved to make a diligent and confidential use of it. The USER compromises himself to make a good use of the contents and services (as for example the chat services, news, groups or forums) that Francesc Clivillé offers through his website as a non-limits announcement. The user mustn’t (i) participate in illegal activities or against the good faith and the public order; (ii) defund racist, porn, illegal, xenophobic or terrorism ideas against the human rights in his contents and advertisement; (iii) provoke damages to the physic and logical Systems of Francesc Clivillé, from his providers or 3rd persons, introduce and defund in his network viruses or any other physical or logical System  capable to provoke the mentioned damages; (iv) try to access, and, in this case, use the email accounts from other users to modify and manipulate messages.

Francesc Clivillé reserves his rights to retire all the comments that violate the respect to human dignity, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, against teenagers or kids, the public security, or that according to his own judgement, are not appropriate in his website. In any other case, Francesc Clivillé will not be responsible of the opinions of his users through his website, forums, chats or other participation tools.

IV. DATA PROTECTION: Francesc Clivillé accomplish the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December of Personal Data Protection, the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the 21rst December with which it is approved the regulation development of the Organic Law and other current rules at every necessary moment, and it also guarantees the correct use and treatment of the personal details of the user. For this, altogether with each form with personal data found in the website and that the user is able to ask to Francesc Clivillé, he will make know to the user the existence and acceptance of the particular conditions and treatment of this data in each case, informing the user of his responsibilities, the address of the responsible, the purpose of this treatment and the communication rules to third persons in his particular case.

V. INDUSTRIAL AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: All the content in this website, the logos, the text and others, as well as the structure, the design, the colours, the presentation and everything is under the intellectual property rights owned by Francesc Clivillé Cabrera, or other people with whom he has agreed the use. All the rights are reserved. According to the articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Intellectual Rights Law, are completely forbidden the reproduction, distribution, public communication, including the modality of disposition of the total or partial content from this website as commercial purposes, in any support or any other technical manner, without the authorisation of Francesc Clivillé. The USER, compromises himself to respect the Industry and Intellectual Rights of the company that has created this web. The User will always be able to visualize the elements of this website and even print them, copy them and save them in his computer or in any other physical support only and exclusively for his own and private use. The USER cannot delete, modify or change any protection Device or security System that might be settled in the company’s website.

VI. EXCLUSION OF GUARANTEES AND RESPONSABILITY:  Francesc Clivillé is not responsible at any case of the natural damages that the following can make: mistakes or omissions of his contents, lack of availability in his website, virus transmission or infected programs, even if he has taken all the technological measures possible to avoid these problems.

VII. MODIFICATIONS: Francesc Clivillé reserves the right to make without advising in advance the modifications that he might consider necessary in his website, being able to change, delete and add contents and services in the website.

VIII. LINKS: in the case that in the website there would be links to other websites, Francesc Clivillé does not control the content in these webs. At any case, Francesc Clivillé will assume responsibility from these contents of the links and will not guarantee the technical, quality, true, constitutional and availability. At the same time, the incorporation of these external connections will not implicate any kind of association or participation among the connected organizations.

IX. EXCLUSION RIGHT: Francesc Clivillé reserves his own right to deny the access to the website and to the offered services without any kind of advise in advance to all the users that do not accomplish the General Conditions of Use.

X. GENERAL POINTS: Francesc Clivillé will keep an eye to the non accomplishment of the presented conditions as well as any other wrong use of the website executing all the civil and criminal actions that correspond to his right.

XI. MODIFICATION OF THE CURRENT CONDITIONS AND DURATION: Francesc Clivillé can modify at any time the conditions explained in here, being again published in this same section. The effect of the mentioned conditions will depend on the duration of its publication until they get changed in the publication.

XII. APPROPIATE LEGISLATION AND JURISDICTION: The relationship between Francesc Clivillé and the user will follow the current Spanish law and all disputes will be subjected to the corresponded tribunal or court.