MTE & Dent Olympics 2017 Experience

In January 2017 we went to Orlando to assist at the MTE and the Dent Olympics. It was our first time -there and actually we consider it a great experience!

We had a full day with seminars and workshops, which was very interesting because we could see how other technicians work and which tools they use. We also had the chance to learn about how the hail market is growing in different places.

The tool companies were also at the fair to launch new products. In their tool presentations we could see and try everything which was awesome! In our case for example, we are used to buy everything online without getting the chance to see how the hammers, the glue tabs and everything really looks like.
I have to say that the technique and the tool that impressed me the most where from Kaz Stanliner. Have you heard about his Samurai tool? He only sells it to those making the course with him, so I have no other option! 😀
I also participated in the Dent Olympics as that was my dream since I started one year an a half ago in this sector. So many technicians were participating but there were even more in the audience!
 I am a very calm person, but I have to say that the day of the Olympics I experience what being really nervous is. Which it’s OK, as next year I know I will have to take it easier and with less pressure. Removing a dent at home completely relaxed is a different story compared to being there, at least for me!
For the competition, they allow you to bring your own tools, so most of the participants they brought their own kit. In my case, I asked dent tool companies to borrow me some tools and lamp. And here I would like to tell you my mistake: I first looked at the dent I had to remove, and then I went to search the tools I might need taking only what I thought I might need. However, when I started the job I saw that I would better need other kind of tools. My recommendation, if you are planning to participate at the Olympics, it’s to take your own kit if you can, or if you ask to borrow tools, then take more that what you consider necessary, just in case!
If you are planning you go, please feel free to drop me an email for questions and let’s see if I can help you. I would have appreciated that in my case before going there!

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